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Adobe Valuing Flash Animation Tutorials

Many stunning and interesting Flash animation can easily and quickly made without using any ActionScript at all. In this tutorial series, we use Adobe Flash to make some interesting animation effects without using ActionScript. Some Flash animation may use only a few lines of simple ActionScript to get some special effect.

Basic Flash animation example

Basic Flash Animation

This tutorial shows how easy to to create Motion Tween with Flash CS4.

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Flash masking animation

Flash Masking Effect

This tutorial shows how to create a draw line animation effect with masking technique.

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Flash motion tween and classic tween

Motion Tween vs Classic Tween

Flash CS4 introduces a new Motion Tween. This tutorial shows the difference of Classic Tween and Motion Tween.

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Flash Bone Tool Animation

Bone Tool Animation Effect

Flash CS4 introduces a new Bone Tool that can create animation much easier then previous flash version.

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Flash 3D Effect

Car Animation with Flash 3D

The 3D Position and View Properties can produce mimic Flash 3D animation effect.

Flash 3D car animation tutorial
Adobe Flash 3D animation

Flash 3D Effect

This tank firing animation shows how to integrate Swift 3D into Flash.

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Flash Bone Tool

Bone Tool Character Animation

This flash tutorial shows how to use Bone Tool for character animation.

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Flash Walk animation

Walk Animation in 3D Scenery

This walk animation in 3D street scenery is achieved by integrating Swift 3D into Flash.

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how to flash masking layer

Flash Masking

The sliding animation of the CD tray is done with masking.

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