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Flash ActionScript 3 Tutorial Center

Our Flash AS3 tutorials start with simple examples which are suitable for beginners. If you are just start learning Flash AS3, you will find our extensive examples are very interesting and very easy to follow. In fact all Flash AS3 codes are very well commented on with detailed explanations. Almost all source codes of flash Actionscript examples are available to download for free.

Flash ActionScript 3 Beginner Tutorials (42 Tutorials)

Let's start learning Flash Actionscript 3 with the most basic and esy-to-understand examples. This Flash AS3 tutorial series covers how to create text field, printing out text to text field, how to manage mouse, button and keyboard with ActionScript. This beginner tutorials also provide some basic concept of ActionScript function and ActionScript events, how to use For Loop statement, If conditional statement, Switch conditional statement, etc...

Flash ActionScript Introduction Beginning Flash ActionScript Tutorial Actionscript Fundamentals Tutorials Manage Text Field ActionScript Tutorials Use of Document Class with ActionScript Flash ActionScript Button and Text Field Keyboard Control with Flash ActionScript Mouse Control with Flash ActionScript Flash ActionScript For Loop Statement Learning ActionScript Function Understand ActionScript Event

Flash ActionScript 3 Basic Tutorials (15 Tutorials)

After getting some concept and knowledge of Flash ActionScript from the beginner tutorials, it is time to learn more about AS3. This ActionScript tutorials series show how to control Flash Movie Clips, how to load Movieclip from Library, using line break and htmlText in Text Field, monitor frame number of Flash Movie and how to control depth of objects on the stage of Flash Movie. All examples are very easy to follow. Have fun with the tutorials!

Flash ActionScript 3 Valuing Tutorials (34 Tutorials)

This series of Flash Actionscript 3 tutorials discuss how to use Array, load external images, load external flash movie and load external text files with or without variables. The tutorials start with basic concept to a bit advanced level. All tutorials have a lot of interesting examples and source codes are available to download.

Working with Array in Flash ActionScript Load External Files with Flash ActionScript ActionScript Load External Image Tutorial ActionScript Load External Flash Movies ActionScript Load External Plain Text Files ActionScript Load External Text Files with Variables

Flash ActionScript 3 Components Tutorials (11 Tutorials)

If you have some experience with computer programming before, you should be very familiar with the component controls - Check Box, Text Field, Radio Button, Combo Box, List Box, Data Grid, and may be Progress Bar. This Flash ActionScript tutorial series show how to manage some common components with ActionScript 3.

Flash ActionScript 3 PHP Interaction Tutorials (22 Tutorials)

PHP is a common web programming language that most web developer familair with. With the interaction of ActionScript with PHP, Flash applications can be much easier to develop. For example, a Flash Send Email Form can easily be acomplished by using PHP with Flash ActionScript. Actually the power of Flash can greatly be extended by integrating PHP with Flash ActionScript.

Flash ActionScript 3 Practical Tutorials (11 Tutorials)

This Flash ActionScript tutorial series shows how to make a simple flash website, with and without a stylesheet. The tutorials also discuss how to manage text database with ActionScript - split text database into array, getting total records of the text database, loop through and get the records of text database. Finally we wil make a simple text database program with Flash ActionScript.

Flash ActionScript 3 Animation Techniques Tutorials (28 Tutorials)

Animation with Flash ActionScript is fun and easy. This AS tutorials series show how to master the basic techniques with Flash ActionScript 3. The tutorials include how to master rotation animation, animation with ENTER_FRAME event, Tween class, Timer class and other animation methods. Same as other tutorials, a lot of interesting examples are provided.

Transition Effects with Flash ActionScript 3 Tutorials (13 Tutorials)

This Transition Effects tutorial series show how to use TransitionManager Class with flash ActionScript 3. By using the TransitionManager Class, many interesting transition effects between MovieClips, for example, Fade, Fly, Rotate, Wipe, etc., can be created easily. This tutorial series will show each flash actionscript transition effect with extensive animation examples. Finally we will walk through some examples using transition effect with other Flash animation.

Download and Upload Files with Flash AS 3 Tutorials (15 Tutorials)

Flash Actionscript can be used to download files from web server to local computer, or uploading files from local computer to web server. This Flash tutorials series discuss briefly how to downloading files and uploading files. The tutorials also shows how to response user action and monitoring the download and uploading progress.

Flash ActionScript Particle System Tutorials (41 Tutorials)

We noticed that there are only a few tutorials or examples of Flash ActionScript Particle System on the Internet. Therefore we prepared over 20 examples on this topic. The flash examples include a wide range of particle system: flash raining effect, flash snowing effect, flash smoking effect, flash water fall effect, flash sea wave effect, flash cloud effect, etc.

Particle System with Flash ActionScript 3 Particle System with Pulse Particle System

Communication Between Flash Movies with ActionScript (5 Tutorials)

Flash Movies are not alone. They can communicate with each others! Yes, Flash Movies can talk with each other. You can create very interesting flash effect with Flash Communication techniques. This tutorial series provide a lot of interesting examples showing how Flash Movies can communicate or connect with each others - remote lamp control, ICQ message boxes, football moving from a Flash Movie to another movie, etc.

Flash ActionScript and HTML JavaScript Interactivity (9 Tutorials)

This is possible to create communication, interactivity or interaction between HTML and Flash Movie thus providing more interesting webpage or advertisment banners. For the Flash side, this is usually done with ActionScript codes while the HTML side is usually done with JavaScript codes. Therefore this is sometimes refer to communication between Flash Movie and HTML JavaScript.


Flash ActionScript Matrix Transformation (14 Tutorials)

Matrix Transformation allows flash developer to do more complicated and interesting Flash animation in a rather different way as discussed in our other Flash ActionScript tutorials. This series of Flash tutorials use Matrix Transformation to do some simple animation with Flash ActionScript 3.

Physics Simulation with Flash ActionScript (44 Tutorials)

It is fun to do Physics Simulation or Physics Animation with Flash ActionScript 3. Our Flash tutorials of AS3 Physics Simulation include a wide range of interesting topics that we learned at Physics class: objects falling down, objects sliding down a slope, crank and piston system, pulley system, car drive up a slope, etc. New topics will be added regularly, so come back often.

Flash Physics Animation with Draw Polygon Flash Physics Animation with Image Polygon Distant Joints Flash Physics Simulation Revolute Joint Flash Physics Simulation Pulley Joints Flash Physics Simulation Prismatic and Revolute Joint Physics Simulation (Crank and Piston Example) Revolute Joint Physics Animation Example (Running Car Animation) Flash Physics Collision Detection Animation Other Flash Physics Simulation